Global Research outdoes Elton John for stinking rotten craziness

Just when you think Global Research has plumbed the depths of conspiracy-mongering, it’s grand poobah Michel Chossudovsky (otherwise known as Dr. Demento) posts a ten-mile long article that nefarious forces within the US government, including the “Clinton Faction,” are attempting to destabilize the Trump presidency.

While the rest of us are on heavy medications in preparation for the Trump inauguration & think the orange man has done well enough alone to discredit himself, the right-wing libertarians are panicking about impeachment or a coup. Some of us think he’ll just get bored in a while, start bristling against taking orders from the generals & think tanks, & resign.

Even Elton John refused to perform at Trump’s inauguration & he played Arizona during the boycott for immigrant rights & Israel despite the cultural boycott of Israel. Has Global Research less good sense than Elton John? Oh indeed! Much less. And that’s a hell of an indictment.