Free Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been in US custody at various CIA torture prisons since March 2003 & at Guantanamo since 2006 after the CIA arrested him in Pakistan as a collaborator of Osama bin Laden & the mastermind of 9/11. They’ve thrown the book at him, accusing him of–or rather claiming he confessed to–masterminding not only 9/11 but the shoe bombing, the Bali nightclub bombing, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the murder of Daniel Pearl, & several other such crimes. Now his defense attorneys claim he is suffering brain damage from the CIA’s ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques like waterboarding. That invalidates all charges against him, whatever his actual culpability. He is a broken man after 15 years of torture & it is criminal to continue holding him or pursuing the death penalty. The real terrorists are those who have broken his spirit.

Photo is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in US custody.

(Photo is from AFP/Getty in 2003)