Rest In Peace Hadi Abu Libdah, a Palestinian shot dead by Israeli snipers

Hadi Abu Libdah
This is 25-year-old Palestinian Hadi Abu Libdah who was shot in the leg by Israeli snipers at the first Great Return March in Gaza on March 30th & then came to the Great Return March on April 27th on crutches. Moments after he gave this interview to Quds News, an Israeli sniper shot him in the face, directly in the mouth. There is no word on his condition.

This is what he told Quds News: “We came today Friday, the Friday of the revolting youth, to prove to the world & to all those who conspire against us & to the deceiver occupier that this land is ours & we will return, God willing. If we get our legs amputated & until the last drop of our blood, we will remain steadfast.”

Our heartfelt hopes for a speedy recovery for Hadi.

(Photo is screenshot from video)