Former FBI & CIA agents, military officials, & diplomats who opposed Iraq War are crapping out on Syria

Some don’t like when I single out individuals for criticism, usually for promoting the Hands Off Syria Coalition or that political perspective. They think it personal, even insulting. If one takes a public stand in support of Assad’s dictatorship & vilifies the Syrian revolution as head choppers, don’t think for one moment the criticism is to offend personally. The sole purpose is to discredit politically. This is a battle for the integrity of international solidarity.

So in that regard, it’s regrettable to point out that the retired FBI & CIA agents, retired military officers & diplomats who became cause célèbres for opposing the Iraq War are almost to the person falling apart over Syria. Most are in the Hands Off Syria Coalition along with Assad propagandists & other compromised political forces. They were more famous for opposing the Iraq War than for their careers in the nefarious institutions of the “Deep State” they now claim run the world.

The whole shebang of them are promoting Tulsi Gabbard & that makes sense. Her support for General Sisi & military dictatorship in Egypt, Modi & casteism in India, Assad & counter-revolution in Syria, & her unabashed Muslim-hating are of a piece. That’s too bad but they probably never did belong in the progressive movement, at least as spokespersons. They never spoke for activists like me.