Forget the experts; listen to the kids

Heena and Beena from Chattisgarh, India

There’s something very special about girls at this age. It’s when they start to show their independence & hone their skills at back talk. It’s one of my favorite ages.

These little girls are Heena (in red) & Beena (in blue) from a remote village of Chattisgarh, India, a state in central India. The state is about 80 percent rural & well over 50 percent Dalits, Adivasis, & Other Backward Classes–all of them oppressed & persecuted castes.

When you see the beauty of children you can never claim discrimination & persecution are rational in any way though they serve an economic, social, & political function for the ruling elites. The human race is going to have to come to grips with that question so that millions of children do not continue to get chewed up by such a system which prevails around this globe.

A daunting historic task, but possible. If persecution didn’t always exist–& it has been shown by reputable historians that it didn’t–then it can be ended. The historians who sing for their supper & the evo psycho crowd claim persecution is inherent to human beings, that it’s in our genes. Some people will say anything for a tenured spot in a prestigious university.

It’s much wiser to believe in children.

This wonderful photo is thanks to Lohian Lohi