FEMEN’s fifteen minutes of fame is up. Time to leave the building!

Apparently FEMEN hasn’t gotten the message that they’ve become irrelevant. Their exhibitionism took the media by storm for awhile & not just the media but the misguided left entranced by the sight of half-naked women with placards. They saw feminism redux & considered feminist critics “sex-negative,” dried up old prunes too ugly to get a man & jealous. Where have we heard that charge before!?

It wasn’t just that they tried to substitute exhibitionism for politics but what was deplorable was their unapologetic, low-level Islamophobia & the fact that they were controlled & bankrolled by a man. How unseemly is that!? And how like Slut Walks, where the organizers in several cities were men. They were undone, reduced to irrelevancy because their libidinal appeal could not compensate for their blatant Islamophobia & social hatred of Arabs.

They apparently don’t know that yet because they’re now making an important half-naked political statement at the pimping trial of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, jumping up & down on his car & shouting insults. Not long ago they were doing that in St. Peters Square & just recently were grandstanding in Davos. Can one of their former supporters please send them the memo that they’ve over-stayed their 15 minutes of fame?

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