Facebook censors Al Jazeera video with one of its warning covers

Nearly 10,000 viewed this photo from Al Jazeera & over 8,000 shared it a couple days ago. This morning it was covered with a FB warning claiming it “may show graphic violence or gore.” What it shows is Kashmiris grieving & protesting the execution of civilians in Shopian. That’s called a freedom struggle & not usually characterized as violence or gore–except when Muslims are involved. Or is the aggression of the Indian occupying army here shown what FB means by violence & gore? Because Kashmiris face that violence & gore every day & want us to know about it so we can stand with them in opposing it. Why the delicate sensibilities from FB censors when it was found fit to publish by Al Jazeera? Is is really not violence or gore that concerns them but the truth about India’s brutal occupation being exposed?