Exodus mythology exposed by Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza so now they’re bringing on the boogiemen of Hamas and jihad

The Exodus mythology claiming Jews have a Biblical land grant to Palestine is falling apart at the seams. The sound track of Andy Williams crooning “The Exodus Song: This Land is Mine” is drowned out by the sound of Israeli bombers over Gaza.

That worthless lie has been diligently cultivated for over 70 years in film, song, & on TV. Since it’s lost its ability to bring on the tears they’re dragging out the Hamas & jihadi scares & they’re cropping up everywhere: in the TV series Law & Order, The Good Wife (tonight’s episode), Odyssey (a new series), NCIS, The Blacklist. That way, when Israel opens another murderous bombing assault on Gaza, the American people will be pumped for support.

This is the time to build the hell out of the economic & cultural boycott of Israel with forums, rallies, flash mobs, speak-outs. Defending Palestinians matters because they show suffering humanity the way forward by their steadfast refusal to bend the knee to apartheid & ethnic cleansing. Their importance is not dependent on their size but because the future of social hatred & tyranny in the Middle East depends on their successful struggle–not just for Palestinians but Jews & the Arabs of other countries.

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