Enough with hating on Jews!

I shouldn’t have to say this for the umpteenth time: anti-Semitic references to Jewish bankers (one of Hitler’s charges), formulations that can suggest anti-Semitism (like “Zionist control of media”), or comments that don’t distinguish between Jews & Zionists are absolutely verboten on my wall. Prejudice against Jews is a social hatred detestable to me & most of my Facebook friends & it is reckless in defense of Palestinians.

Just this morning, I’ve had a few go-arounds on the issue & had to block two people. It’s just too elementary to have to do battle about. We could keep going rounds, hoping to educate such people, but you can’t reason people out of ignorant hatred. Political power is necessary for that. Muscle works where ideas can’t cope.

Adrenalin should be preserved for the big battles. So if you post that crap, it will be deleted. And if you persist, you will be ushered unceremoniously to the block button.