“Each thought I express, I’m paid” by Nasir Patigaru

Stone thrower Kashmir Mar 30 2017

Each thought I express, I’m paid.
Each word I write, I’m paid.
For every slogan I raise, I’m paid.
For every rock I hurl, I’m paid.

For that gun I snatched, I was paid.
For that bullet piercing my chest, I was paid.
My presence in funerals was paid.
My visit to families of Martyr’s was paid.

When you entered my valley, you were paid.
For each day you spend here, you are paid.
For harrasment, torture, arson, murder, you are paid.
Even for saying, I’m paid, you are paid.

If my each act of resistance is paid,
Your every act of aggression is paid.

The difference:
You are paid with money and promotion,
I’m paid by hope of ending your occupation.

–Nasir Patigaru