Duterte, the misogynist pig

Philippine serial killer Rodrigo Duterte announced he & the head of the Armed Forces of the Philippines look forward to meeting beautiful Russian women when they travel to Russia on May 25th. They will also meet with Putin who Duterte describes as his “idol.”

Unfortunately the children of the world have been exposed to the rancid vulgarities & affinities of Duterte & Trump, including their belief that women are sexual toys. Freedom of speech & public protests are brutally repressed by the Putin regime but Trump has been unable to silence protest around the world against his policies. The January 21st Women’s March of millions on every continent was an assertion of women’s power & women’s dignity.

Trump has invited Duterte to the White House for a state visit. They may want to reconsider that invitation to spare embarrassment since he may never be allowed to get off a plane. Women’s rights & human rights activists look forward to meeting him with thousands of placards raised in denunciation.