Drumpf’s pea brain is tiny in comparison to his narcissism

Will US presidential campaigns ever be the same again after Drumpf talked about the size of his penis? Can the Republican Party posture any dignity when it’s clearly a cesspool of machismo, racism, stupidity, & backwardness? Can the ruling elite represented by both parties allow the charade of electoral politics to be exposed in such a degrading way & reduced to a circus side show? Are they willing to risk a president with fascist politics rather than employing the usual strategy of patiently eroding & dismantling our rights?

They have a crisis of leadership. But then so do we. Progressive forces in this country don’t have enough cohesion & unity to even stand steadfast & massively against war. That’s the crisis of leadership that matters. That’s the political problem that needs to be solved because the President of the US does not represent working people; he/she represents Wall Street & war.