Down with feudalism! A political achievement 300 years overdue. Or is it 400 years now?

Some people think me intolerant in my judgements of feudal moochocracy. They’ve misunderstood me then since I mean to ridicule & excoriate the abominations of feudalism in the harshest, cruelest terms, leaving no contempt unexpressed. No puny intolerance for me on that score.

Any system based on inequality, subservience, autocracy, serfdom which takes money from the poor to sustain the indolent & bends the knee to people in tiaras needs to be blasted decisively off this planet & equality among human beings deeply rooted. Inequality is the root of all evil; human solidarity the foundation of peace & justice.

The great achievement of capitalism was overthrowing feudalism in the great revolutions but it hasn’t completed the job in many places. Moochocracy still exists in nearly 30 countries & everywhere it exists is an impediment to democracy.

So look for no mercy from me about a monstrous system that holds some superior & the majority inferior. It’s a stinking political corpse. It’s time for the Age of Aquarius where all are deemed brothers & sisters. Subservience be damned.