David Brooks is proof that corporate funding makes you stupid

If anyone needs proof that corporate funding makes you stupid check out PBS on TV & NPR on the radio. What distinguishes them from the networks is pomposity & an aura of intellectualism while they tell you everything you don’t want to know about a news event.

NY Times reporter David Brooks is a regular commentator on PBS news. He has an impressive pedigree, an expensive education, & political grooming by William F. Buckley, Jr. That grooming done him in. With a far less pretentious vocabulary than Buckley & a curious inability to spit it out when he’s talking his viewers are subjected to twitchy commentary chock-full of banalities. Oh let’s be frank: idiocies.

He’s an ugly-assed Zionist who claims Jewish intellectualism & achievement is superior to others. A guy who twitches & mumbles while drooling inanities should give serious thought to making that claim. Tonight the moderator asked him about ISIL. It took him a moment to congeal a thought–if what he says qualifies as thought–but he produced this gem: “The Middle East has always been the Middle East. For 5,000 years it’s been a trouble zone. The Islamic State seems to be a new order, a new order of magnitude, a new sort of threat building on an ideological threat, a unique level of evil even by the standards of the Middle East.” If you put a melody & beat to that you could do the hootchy-kootchy. But don’t try to swing it past political activists who actually know something. If our man was ever subjected to a Q & A session he’d be eaten alive by even simple minds.

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