Cosmetic boycott list to honor BDS

Though most countries do almost nothing to curb discrimination & violence against women, they’re all Johnny-on-the-spot in using feminism to promote war, military occupation, eugenics, ethnic cleansing, & apartheid. The US Pentagon & Israel are both playing that out to the max & masterfully.

Feminism is the emancipatory theoretics of women’s oppression, not an all-purpose shibboleth to be manipulated for nefarious political gains. Feminists have to wrest our ideas back from the war-mongers & not allow our movement to be hijacked to serve reaction & violence.

Several cosmetics companies have extensive business & political relationships with Israel & are on the BDS boycott list. That includes all Estée Lauder brands (Aveda, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Origins); Revlon brands (Almay); L’Oreal brands (Lancome, Garnier, Maybelline, Redken, The Body Shop).

L’Oreal Paris is now running a 2015 Women of Worth contest–partially to use feminism to divert us from the company’s involvement with Israel. Sometimes a mascara wand is not just a beauty device but a cover for apartheid.

Boycott all cosmetics companies doing business with/in Israel.