Congressional committee needed to investigate Trump’s overseas deals, prosecute him, & dump him

If Trump refuses to release his tax returns how will they know he severed financial relationships in other countries that are conflicts of interest with being president? The details of Trump’s overseas business deals are secret & were not reported in his campaign financial filings with the Federal Election Commission. Why isn’t an oversight commission demanding access to that information? Is there an oversight commission?

How do we know his business dealings are legal in those countries? Most of his dealings are with international financiers & real estate developers who in almost every country are tied to illegal & criminal activities. What kind of money is he getting under the table?

In an interview he gave about his 2013 trip to Moscow he told an interviewer: “I was with the top-level people, both oligarchs & generals, & top of the government people. I can’t go further than that, but I will tell you that I met the top people, & the relationship was extraordinary.” Russia isn’t called gangster capitalism for nothing–even in comparison to US gangster capitalism–so that oversight commission should find out what’s in the “further” secret part of that relationship.

What do the Russians have on Trump, by which we do not mean prurient matters? What kind of deals & what are the terms of those deals that Putin thinks will serve as blackmail? If all this secrecy does not require special congressional oversight or constitute grounds for impeachment, then what does?

Duterte appointed Trump’s business partner Jose E. B. Antonio as special Philippine envoy to the US. That business partner is tied to slum evictions & arsons for purpose of privatization & to Duterte’s death squads. Duterte operates like J. Edgar Hoover so what does Duterte have on Trump other than the ability to harm or advance Trump’s business interests?

A special Congressional investigative committee must be appointed to examine all of Trump’s business dealings in other countries & to sever all of them–which would require his resignation & likely prosecution. Not because his business dealings jeopardize the security of the US (US Pentagon dealings overseas already do that) nor to salvage the integrity of the presidency (which was already shot to hell before his presidency & now is in the toilet) but because the American people & people in those countries where he has deals have a right to know what kind of criminalities Trump is engaged in at our expense.