Chuckles and Cammy

Chuckles & Camilla June 20 2014

Has their tabloid love gone sour? Are the race tracks closed today? Is Phil particularly flatulent? Or, speaking of hot air, is Betty’s speech just too long & full of Latin? Or are Chuckles & Cammy mightily chagrined because they only get a couple palaces & a lifetime of indolence from Betty while Billy also got an $11 million helicopter for his birthday.

The Buckingham coffers won’t be taxed a whit financially since the helicopter comes out of the sovereign grant, a sum of $66 million the government takes from healthcare, education, & social services to provide for Betty’s “official duties.” It’s the moochocracy’s petty cash account.

There are always those who object to ridicule of Betty & the British moochocracy; they claim it’s frivolous & underestimates the role they play in British oligarchy. To those critics it can only be said, “lighten up.”

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