Children are the beacon for social transformation

Madari girl (Umesh Solanki) July 31 2015

The world can get just too damn much with you; the violence & grief can get overwhelming. That can make cynicism & misanthropy seem appealing rather than rancid & dead-end. Once you lose respect & hope for humanity, there’s no place to go. That’s why Dante put “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” over the gate of hell.

We repeat ad nauseam that children are the future though you wouldn’t know it from the way poor children are treated. But for those who won’t accept the status quo, that’s where our commitment begins–to moving that mantra from sentiment to a determination to make this world suitable for children to live & love in.

This small girl is a from a Madari community in Gujarat, India. It’s not posted for anthropological reasons but because humanity still has a chance to make this world work for her.

(Photo by Umesh Solanki at

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