Children are always the intended targets of racism, persecution, war, occupation, genocide

Kashmir, Mar 2013 (Abid Bhat) Mar 31 2018

An enigmatic dark moment in the Indian occupation of Kashmir: a menacing soldier & two small vulnerable children, one seemingly protecting the other. There was no caption to this March 2013 photo taken by Kashmiri photojournalist Abid Bhat. But it can stand as metaphor for the threat that racism, persecution, war, occupation, & genocide present to children, from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, the refugee camps in Bangladesh, Somalia, Libya, to the Black & Latino communities in the US. Children & youth are never accidental victims but always, in one way or another, the intended targets.

Protect our children & stand against war, occupation, genocide.

(Photo by Abid Bhat, March 2013)