So let me tell you why cynicism about the human race just doesn’t work for me. Too many people are just too damn kind to me & it would be extreme ingratitude for me to think ill of most of us. The latest instance out of many: this is the last day of the month so like most retirees, my dough is low. No big deal. I sold an old phone to a pawn shop & headed to the supermarket for groceries–mind you, just to last a day. When the clerk rang it up, I was $1.55 over so she pulled out three apples. It was still .05 over. A young woman behind me in line said, “I’ve got your back. Five cents is nothing,” & she paid the clerk. I expressed my gratitude & gave her my name in case I ever win the lottery so she can look me up. We hugged & I left the market. As I pulled out of the lot, she ran up with the apples, gave me another hug, admired my dogs, & ran off. I was overwhelmed. Forever I’m in awe of the human race.