Child protection an imperative for Rohingya refugees

Ro girl on crutches (Paula Bronstein:Getty Images) Sept 22 2017

Rohingya Vision is already reporting incidents of Rohingya children being kidnapped. Now it’s by criminal gangs but soon phalanxes of traffickers will show up posing as parents or child welfare agencies. At the same time, they are reporting that “Rohingya families have reached the peak of starvation due to the shortage of humanitarian aids in the temporary camps.” What in the hell is going on with the delivery of food, shelter, clean water, health care, child protection? What agencies are there? What are they doing? Why is there insufficient reporting on the state of humanitarian aid?

At the same time that we rally against genocide in Arakan state, we must demand our governments & the UN stop all their grandstanding & hand-wringing & start delivering massive aid of every kind to Rohingya refugees.

(Photo of vulnerable child refugee by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)