Black women are also victims of killer cops

Finally the police murder of Black women is erupting in the news–not as an adjunct or “ladies auxiliary” to the US war on Black youth but integral to it. Many would attribute the omission to male supremacy & that element cannot be denied. But the more likely cause is complete ignorance of police brutality in the Black community which has gone on unabated for decades now. There have been several more police murders of Black teens since Michael Brown was shot & most would be unable to cite their names or the circumstances of their deaths.

Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, & Eric Garner turned the media narrative upside down. The fight-back in Ferguson put police brutality in the spotlight but previously most people were indoctrinated with the story that Black youth were feral, lawless, drug peddlers. That narrative is shredded but the history of the war on the Black community remains unknown. Part of building the new civil rights & Black power movement will be educating ourselves & others about the scope of police brutality in this country. That means getting to know the names of those hundreds of young men & women who died so brutally & honoring them by building solidarity.

This report entitled “Operation Ghetto Storm” is a useful source of information:¬†

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