Betty Windsor and the academic boycott of Israel

So the Guardian-UK is litigating like crazy to get public access to Chucky’s correspondence with British politicians. Because, after all, the moochocracy isn’t supposed to intervene in affairs of state. But for forty-million bucks a year the state has to get something out of this indolent crowd. Sure there’s some return from the horse track with all their trifectas but not enough to make all their vulgarities worthwhile. That’s where those honorary titles come in.

Betty Windsor will bestow the “rare honor” of honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) on Rivka Carmi, the woman president of Ben-Gurion University–ostensibly for her role “in strengthening scientific & academic cooperation between Israel & the UK” by founding the UK-Israel Science Council in 2010. The council is to promote academic collaboration between the two countries. Especially now since the economic, cultural & academic boycott (BDS) of Israel to protest apartheid is making such international inroads.

Betty knows horses. She wouldn’t know from science if it came up & bit her in the ass. If she’s dishing out awards for science it’s at the behest of Israel or British politicians to contravene BDS & that means Betty is intervening in affairs of state. She should be placed under immediate arrest.

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