BDS India petition protesting NDTV joint campaign with L’Oreal Paris

BDS India L'Oreal petition

L’Oreal Paris has extensive business ties with Israel & is included in the boycott of Israel. Indian media house NDTV has forged a partnership with L’Oreal in a campaign called “Women of Worth” in India. Palestinian solidarity activists in India have laid out a full program to build BDS, including this petition demanding NDTV sever its partnership with L’Oreal & appealing to the nominees of “Women of Worth” to dump the honorific. Supporting apartheid makes one so damn worthless.

Please take a moment to sign & share this petition. People wonder if signing a petition is worth the time. One circulated yesterday by BDS activists in Australia won a reversal from Sydney University which had cancelled a presentation by Ali Abunimah under the exemption “freedom of speech except for Palestinians.”

BDS politically arms unarmed Palestinians against one of the mightiest military forces in the world. So do sign & share.