Baltimore cops charged in Freddie Gray’s death

Six Baltimore policemen were charged in Freddie Gray’s death. There are several charges against them starting with assault, manslaughter, & one charge of 2nd-degree murder. There isn’t a chance in hell they’ll serve time. Though the kid who turned himself in for breaking the window on a police car will actually serve time. Just as we saw with the mangled grand jury operation in Ferguson, the prosecution will make a dozen procedural blunders making sure they all walk. Just like the ones who beat Rodney King to a pulp in 1991 & all the rest of them before & since.

The legal experts being interviewed are all saying this will be a hard case to prove. Only in a kangaroo court of law. If they had that much circumstantial evidence on anyone else, it would be a slam dunk case. When they illegally detained him, he was walking fine. After they beat him up & broke his spine, he died. What’s the problem? Could it be spelled i-m-p-u-n-i-t-y?

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