Assadists & other fascists find themselves in agreement with Fox News. But of course.

Syrian father in Aleppo with son killed by Syrian bombers in October 2012

Fascist apologist for Assad dictatorship Vanessa Beeley reposted a video from Fox News where a US special forces guy impugns the White Helmet rescue workers for having a different agenda than the US Pentagon. We knew that. Revolution, which the White Helmets are engaged in, is at odds with counterrevolution which the US, Syria, Russia, & other regimes are carrying out. So why are Assadists led by Beeley on a campaign to link the White Helmets to the CIA? Why is she posting a video where a Pentagon official agrees with Syrian civilians being bombed to smithereens by Syrian & Russian bombers?

To the video, she added this comment by a fellow Assad apologist: “Doubts about White Helmets now reaching even as far as ultra-Right Fox!” To which we respond, but of course. And we ask how she explains all the other Fox News video reports that she, Bartlett, & other Assadists post to document their allegations against the Syrian revolution? Could it be that fascist & Assadist politics are in sync with Fox News? To which we respond, but of course.

To understand what fascist politics mean in Syria, this iconic image is the photo of a father in Aleppo holding his child killed by Syrian bombers in October 2012 after Assad started going after unarmed protesters with bombers & tanks.

The only principled demands are that Syria, Russia, & the US-coalition stop the bombing of civilians & for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

(Photo by Maysun/EPA)