Assadists among Trump’s most ardent supporters

King Trump Jan 15 2017

This is from when the orange man was preparing himself to be king of the world, long before anyone in their right mind would consider him for president of the US.

Assad & Putin supporters are among the most ardent Trump supporters because hating on Hillary is the breadth of their political vision but not the depth of their confusions & in some cases their malignancies.

They like him because of his grandstanding, fatuous denunciations of fake news & mainstream media. They like him best because they think Pepe Escobar speaks in the oracular voice when he says the US Pentagon is transitioning from the war on terror to a new cold war. They believe Trump poses a threat to the “neoliberal & neoconservative interventionist foreign policy establishment.” Whatever the hell that is.

This surreal break with reality can be explained by what they all cite as their top news sources: RT, Global Research, Counterpunch, Sputnik news.

Outgoing CIA director John Brennan has cautioned Trump about his intemperate, reckless accusations including against the CIA. If he won’t be controlled, Trump will be silenced. One way or another.