Britain’s Stop the War coalition politically bankrupt: refuses to condemn Russian bombing

Britain’s Stop the War coalition has become politically unhinged; one could even say politically bankrupt. It just issued a statement condemning NATO military exercises in Poland which they claim reflect US aggressive & expansionist policies toward Russia.

Last October, Russian bombers had been engaged in carpet bombing Syria for over a year. A fleet of Russian warships were headed to the Mediterranean to launch air strikes from an aircraft carrier. Stop the War coalition issued statements opposing protests against Russian bombing because “We do not want to contribute to the jingoism & hysteria that is being whipped up against Russia.”

There’s only one explanation for refusing to oppose Russian military intervention in Syria: Stop the War coalition supports Assad’s dictatorship & Russian bombing on Assad’s behalf.

When an antiwar coalition gets so politically lost that it abandons basic principles, it is so far beyond post-truth truthiness that it can take its place in that overfilled landfill called the dust bin of history.