Assadism & the relationship between hating on Muslims & hating on Jews

Assad’s ally Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, says feminism & gender equality are a “Zionist plot” to corrupt the role of women in society. We’d like to ask Assad propagandists to “nuance” that since one of their selling points for his dictatorship is the secular character of his regime.

They can object they aren’t responsible for everything Khamenei says but then of course there’s all that Saudi Wahhabi/Salafi/Zionist schtick they run on Syrian working people to justify bombing them as “head-chopping jihadists.” So maybe, if they can pull themselves away from vilifying the White Helmet rescue workers they could explain how Khamenei differs from that Wahhabi stuff.

An undercurrent of Muslim-hating among Assadists is hating on Jews. It’s why libertarians like Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, David Icke, Ron Paul, are such groveling devotees of Assad. The reptilian Jewish Illuminati are the bedrock of their demented obscurantism so Syria appeals because Assad’s father already expelled most of the Syrian Jews. There are none left. Now they just have to get rid of the Muslims.

It’s also why the outright fascists & white nationalists are so enthralled with Assad & why some like KKK guy David Duke tried to horn in on the Palestinian solidarity movement. And, to be frank, why so many anti-Jews have found themselves in Palestinian solidarity where they don’t belong through a profound misunderstanding about the character of anti-Zionism.

Then there’s the rubbish peddled by Global Research (including Felicity Arbuthnot & Michel Chossudovsky), SOTT (the David Icke journal edited by Eva Bartlett), & most anti-Jewish bloggers called “The Greater Israel Project: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.” According to these deranged ideologues (once you believe reptilian Jewish bankers run the world, you’ll believe anything), Greater Israel would include parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the Sinai, Iraq, & Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly, extremist Zionists harbor & promote such delusions, but the libertarians give a particularly odious rendition. It gets harder to distinguish between Zionism, Assadism, fascism, libertarianism because they are in fact all of a piece.

Many just don’t get the rift going on among Palestinian supporters, in the antiwar & socialist movements because they don’t get the hatred for Muslims yoked to hatred for Jews that is the problem. You can’t broker that hatred because the future of a secular democratic state to replace Israel’s colonial project & where Palestinians & Jews can live in harmony is politically dependent on the future of the Syrian revolution against dictatorship. If these movements are to go forward to justice, there is no room for hating on Muslims or Jews so good riddance to the ideologues of that perspective.