Ashkenazi Jews and pseudo-science

Have been so content lately not having to fend off antisemitic posts about the illuminati & Rothschilds. I actually thought I was weeding them out & sending them packing. Then today I was tagged on Facebook in a video by Henry Makow, a Canadian libertarian who campaigns against Zionism (for antisemitic reasons), freemasons, homosexuality, the New World Order, Satanism, aliens, & feminism. Makow believes the ruling elite have been taken over by a cabal of all of these. Shades of David Icke’s reptilian overlords & it goes without saying, just as whacked.

When I checked the tagger’s wall I found that article circulating from Haaretz about Israeli scientists discovering a gene that predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to schizophrenia. To my mind, genetic research is a deeply flawed, probably mostly pseudo-science. The researchers at Hebrew University in Jerusalem studied Ashkenazi Jews from Israel where mental health problems could just as well be related to the political psychosis of Zionism & militarism. And we know (at least those of us influenced by natural modalities like Chinese medicine & homeopathy) that emotional & intellectual habits have profound affects on human physiology.

The Haaretz article circulates to demonstrate a tendency toward mental illness among Ashkenazi & I would consider that not just an apolitical approach to Zionism but the very essence of antisemitism. If in fact they’re genetically prone to mental illness, that is deeply regrettable & not something to be flaunted. They are after all human beings.

The answer to Zionism is not vilifying & goof-ball conspiracy theories complete with devils & reptiles. It is in building the economic & cultural boycott of Israel to create possibilities for a democratic secular state suitable for both Jews & Palestinians to live in.

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