Art & the creeps that make it

One of life’s earliest disappointments is learning that many of the poets, writers, & musicians you admire for the art they create are complete washouts as human beings or deplorable politically. It seems an incongruence, something at odds with nature. It wasn’t easy in my youth facing that the avuncular-looking & sensitive poet of estrangement, Robert Frost, was mean as the devil. And of course, it’s all down hill with the rock stars.

Still, it don’t come easy. Lady Gaga’s performance at the Grammys was indisputably marvelous. But I just couldn’t be entertained knowing she’s an enthusiastic supporter of Israel who flouted the cultural boycott with disdain & also performed for the dictator of Azerbaijan.

Many women talk about how leading male actors, often the ones who play the romantic lead, creep them out off stage. But they creep many of us out on stage. When they do a love scene it sends shivers up our spine in revulsion. If they played psycho-killers it would seem more in character with their persona.

It would be better for all of us, especially the artists, if we knew a whole lot less about them. Or if they just all wore masks.