All out March 20th for Palestinian justice!

Sanders, Clinton, & Trump have been invited to speak at the 2016 Policy Conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, DC between March 20th & 22nd. Like usual, the AIPAC convention will be a gathering of the most ghoulish & reactionary political forces in the US. Many of the same forces involved in lobbying for Israel are involved in anti-immigration groups, Islamophobic extremism, & population control/eugenics programs.

Sanders may well decline but he’ll be torn between his stature as a savior & playing up to AIPAC. Clinton & Trump will be there with bells on. Biden will be speaking to represent the Obama administration.

This protest will be going on at the same time as a counterforce to AIPAC & showing the rising voices in the US supporting Palestinian justice. The march will be outside the White House, not outside the AIPAC venue. Be there, if you can be.