Addiction is a way of coping with the barbarism of capitalism

In researching my post about opium addiction in Afghanistan, several sources referred to the country as one of the most addicted societies in the world. It’s not certain how they come up with such estimates. Are they only talking about opium or are they including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, & prescription drugs?

The truth of the matter is, life under neoliberalism, the barbaric phase of capitalism–even in the exploiting countries–is stressful, unsatisfying of the deepest human needs for communication & egalitarian social life, filled with social antagonisms. It isn’t misanthropic to say every country is awash in addiction of one kind or another.

What makes opium addiction in Afghanistan so noteworthy is that addiction rates were low until 2001 & that it’s directly related to the US-NATO war & occupation. There are parallels with drug addiction among Blacks in the US. Historically, addiction rates in the Black community were always low but have increased with the US “War on Drugs” when, as many reputable sources have shown, the CIA began pumping drugs into Black neighborhoods.

To end mass addiction problems, we need to change society & build a world suitable for children to live & love in.