A tribute to the memory of eleven million victims of the Nazi gulag

Zionist manipulation & distortion of the WWII holocaust cannot deter us from taking a moment to honor the memory of the eleven million who suffered & died in the Nazi gulag. The victims included Jews, Roma, Poles, African-Germans, Ukrainians, Slavs, Serbs, LGBTs, the disabled, trade unionists, socialists, anarchists, liberals, & every other kind of dissident, Catholics & Jehovah’s Witnesses.

They were all our sisters & brothers & we honor & acknowledge every one of them. Colonialism & replicating the Nazi matrix in Palestine is not the alternative to such a monstrous crime. Blaming it on German psychology is a political dead-end. We need to understand the reasons for the rise of fascism & no one has better elaborated them than Leon Trotsky who counterposed a political analysis to the mystification of other historians & Zionists.

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