A tribute to anti-colonial fighters from Kashmir & Palestine to North Dakota

Kashmiri protesters in masks (REUTERS:Danish Ismail) Sept 7 2016

These young people are at a protest in Srinagar. The masks are unlikely to protect them from any of the several weapons used against them except perhaps tear gas fumes.
Colonial history in India put these youth in a very tough place in politics–to be on the front lines of struggle against every vestige of colonial heritage. It is a struggle that prevails in one form or another on every continent.

What’s remarkable is that Kashmiris, Palestinians, & colonized Indigenous peoples on every continent resist for decades, even centuries, & will not bend the knee to tyranny. There are periods of exhaustion & demoralization but they will not be defeated.

We should take a moment to honor these young fighters in Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Brazil, India, Peru, Mexico, Somalia, South Africa, Canada, North Dakota, Colorado, & so many other places. They are the hope of human liberation from inequality & racism. International solidarity that is active & intransigent is of the essence.

(Photo by Danish Ismail/Reuters)