A communist & a monarchist get into a golden carriage….

Betty and the Chinese pres (Matt Dunham:AP) Oct 23 2015

That guy from communist China hanging out with Betty is enjoying feudalism far too much. How ever will this play in Chinese media when people there are living in underground cages & working in sweatshops?

This is what happens when you go backward in history & take up capitalism in its barbaric phase while everybody else is trying to get rid of it. A socialist would have taken a cab. And there’d be no £40 billion worth of business deals.

When asked about China’s deplorable human rights problems, Xi Jinping (the president) answered there “was always room for improvement.” You could say that–when speaking your mind gets you hung. Cameron whistled his way through that brief discussion since why should barbaric human rights practices interfere with business? And he didn’t want anybody bringing up England’s wars.

Whither China? We await the day its working people rise up again en masse to set things right.

(Photo is Chinese president Xi Jinping with Betty Windsor by Matt Dunham/AP)