9-year-old Kashmiri boy hit in head with rubber bullet

Kashmir; 9-year-old boy from Sopore injured by CRPF May 19 2018

Last Saturday in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, nine-year-old Rizwan Ahmad Kaboo was hit in the head by a rubber bullet when Indian paramilitary troops opened fire on young protesters pelting their armored vehicle with stones. Young Rizwan is in hospital requiring specialized treatment for a serious head wound. There is no report on whether he was among the protesters or if he was playing or standing near the incident.

The Indian army will be holding funeral services for the armored vehicle even though it suffered no serious injuries. Armored vehicles, made of galvanized & stainless steel, are manufactured to withstand the impact of shrapnel, bullets, missiles, shells.

Hopefully this small boy will recover from his injury without brain damage or severe emotional distress.

(Photo of Rizwan Ahmad Kaboo from QNS 24×7 News)