My little flock of cockatiels have been quite unhappy for a while since captivity bores them silly. I try to thwart their biological imperatives because I don’t approve of breeding birds for captivity. They were meant by nature to fly free. But they’ve been so discontent for the past several months that when I discovered the ménage à trois had gone through the silverware drawer to the cabinet below to build a nest, I decided not to interfere so they would be occupied in doing what birds do & wouldn’t be so miserable. Now the landlady is coming to fix the mold problem in the cabinet next to where they are & they must be moved to prevent them from getting sick. This solves my problem of preventing babies but it’s very stressful for them. After nearly 25 years of rescuing birds (usually let go by their caretakers), I have become opposed to the abuse of birds as pets. It violates their nature & ties them to humans when they were meant to be free in the companionship of each other.