Saw a posting on Twitter saluting the doctors of Kashmir “who are working tirelessly beyond their shifts to treat the injured.” May we also include other medical personnel & the ambulance medics & drivers being assaulted & vandalized as they carry the injured to hospital. Fifty such assaults have been recorded.

Who can also forget the medical personnel who served so selflessly in Gaza during the 2014 siege when ambulances were also attacked & hospitals bombed by Israel? Or those serving the war zones of Yemen, Syria, & Iraq & the refugee camps in Greece & elsewhere? Or those in the Arab uprisings, particularly in Bahrain where they were prosecuted & jailed for treating injured protesters? Or those who at their own risk treated the Ebola outbreak in West Africa?

Medicine, at least in the US, has become tainted as elite, money-grubbing careerism so it is an honor to salute those who live its mission to heal & bring solace to the injured & dying.