It’s worth asking–& not in an accusatory way–why so many Palestinian supporters were willing to overlook Bernie Sanders’ wretched views on Israel & Palestinian self-determination to ardently support him. And not just support him, but run others around the block justifying his compromises on justice for Palestine.

Now with Sanders remaining a committed Democrat, like he always said he was, many will flock to the campaign of Jill Stein who supports BDS but also has compromised views on Israel & Palestine–not to mention on US militarism. She only wants to reduce the military budget rather than end US militarism. She says she will use military aid as a threat to Israeli excesses.

Worst of all, are Clinton supporters. There is no way one can talk around her determined, even if entirely self-serving support for Israel & for US military aggression. Israel & Palestine are key questions in US & in world politics because Israel serves as the linchpin holding back democracy in the Middle East.

How do progressives broker such cognitive dissonance in their politics? It’s understandable that many would vote lesser evil because they believe voting is a right they want to exercise. What is not understandable at all is the ardency of their support & the bending of principles, especially on war, colonialism, occupation.

Progressives, especially the ones who pompously call themselves Marxists, like to think of themselves as leading politically. But when they’re voting Stein or Clinton & the majority of American voters don’t even bother to register for the electoral charade, maybe they’re not so much leading as being a dead weight dragged around by their asses by lesser evil ideology.