The monstrous symmetries between the Israeli carpet bombing of Gaza in July 2014 & the Indian military siege of Kashmir in July 2016 are a nightmare to witness. Hell to endure.

Some consider war & occupation on a par in a menu of social injustices & horrors but the socialist political tradition considers them preeminent concerns to which everything else is subordinated. That doesn’t require dropping other social struggles but incorporating them into antiwar & anti-occupation movements: women marching in solidarity with women under siege, anti-racist & civil rights activists marching against the racism of these onslaughts, environmentalists marching against the destruction wrought by bombs & plunder.

During the 2014 siege of Gaza, over a million people from every hamlet & metropolis around the world protested the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. In this siege of Kashmir, despite the prevailing international news blackout, thousands are protesting in what may be the most massive public support for Kashmir ever. That solidarity is the work of Kashmiri activists on social media who are now prioritizing breaking the news blackout.

If some think it’s too much Kashmir too much of the time, that’s the nature of campaigning against war & occupation.