A lesson from US history worth remembering:

When the OJ Simpson verdict came down in October 1995, it emboldened media to start ranting & harping about the incompatibilities of Blacks & whites & encouraged white racists to openly express views that were silenced by the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. It was a scary time.

But serendipitously, a few weeks after the verdict, the first Million Man March was held in Washington, DC, where at least that number of people came toprotest around a somewhat conservative political agenda.

Political power is a daunting thing. The sight of a million Black men & women marching together scared the bejeezus out of racists & silenced the media on a dime. All that racism didn’t go away but it was cowed into silence & never got the energy to mobilize.

That’s what we need to remember as we see bands of nationalists cruising for trouble. We have to exceed their aggression with power.