The local TV station & food bank consortium are holding a fundraising event for children in the region who go hungry after school closes for the summer & they have no access to school meal programs.

This situation has prevailed to extreme degrees since the 1997 destruction of welfare by Bill Clinton & heralded & promoted by Hillary Clinton–the candidate who peddles herself as a champion of women & children. Monthly state allocations for food stamps are stingy & about half of what each person requires according to estimates from the US Department of Agriculture.

Half of public school children qualify for school free meal programs & when school ends, they have to scrounge food banks & dumpsters. The problem is massive.

Food banks do their best with what they have but often the poor are offered foods inappropriate to their cultural cuisine; such things as can goods & cake mixes in place of living food; & have to survive on an unbalanced, starch-heavy diet setting them up for lifelong health problems.

It would be good, in the interests of full disclosure in place of self-promotion, if Clinton would detail for us what exactly she has done for poor & working class women & children. Or are most of her accomplishments in that regard for the women & children of Wall Street bankers?