Recognizing the humanity of the Palestinians is not the new standard for solidarity–though Bernie Sanders & Rabbi Michael Lerner both got away with it. What does it even mean to recognize their humanity? Does it mean as distinct from dogs? Or as the same as Israelis & the rest of us?

Such a formulation has a meaning in politics only in the barbaric phase of capitalism when racism dominates world politics. But it is not sufficient to allow people a pass on Palestinian justice. Once you recognize that they are indeed human beings (they’ll be so glad to hear that) you have to choose where you stand on the colonial occupation of their lands, on Israeli apartheid & that great big apartheid wall, on ethnic cleansing, & on their claims to self-determination.

If you think, after all of Israel’s aggressions & barbarisms, that their very own little bantustate addresses Palestinian demands for justice, then maybe your understanding of what a human being is isn’t the problem. Maybe the real problem is your understanding of justice.