A word of solace to those panicking at the prospect of a Drumpf presidency: he is not going to march into the White House & start building a wall on the southern border. US agribusiness is absolutely dependent on the labor of undocumented immigrants–as are construction, meat packing, & several other industries. His braggadocio is not going to preempt the imperative needs of several multi-billion dollar industries.

He is not going to lay down a ban on Muslims entering the US. The US Immigration Service carefully monitors who does & does not enter this country. Modifications are & can be made in their practices without a single word from Drumpf. More importantly, the presidency is not yet a dictatorship & will not become one unless oligarchic rule is challenged & sees no other way to defend its system. There is a history & a method to fascism that is not going to be altered by his bombast.

As for those wars he promises? Clinton has promised even more. But neither of them will go to war against any country unless the generals in the Pentagon, the CIA, all those government think tanks & high-level consultants, & the oligarchy agree to it.

If we do our political work & build the social movements for change & justice, we have less to fear & more cause for hope.