Watched Clinton’s victory speech tonight where she laid claim to feminist heritage as the first woman candidate for president. Her deceitful assumption of feminism is her schtick but what in the hell about her wooden persona & utterly monstrous politics inspire people?

Don’t they care that millions of children, disabled, & elderly are starving because of the Clinton destruction of welfare in 1997? Are they indifferent to those people she has promised to take out with US military might? Have they turned a deaf ear to her pledge to destroy BDS & support Israeli apartheid & colonialism or her insistence that Palestinians are terrorists?

You can cheer her as a feminist candidate if you want to live with the reality that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the children & poor of this country or about those she intends to go after with bombers. Let’s call it what it is: utterly shameful to support or laud her candidacy for anything but a cell in a penitentiary for crimes against humanity.

(PS: And for the record, she has never played a role in the feminist movement except to preempt it as elitist & destroy its popular base. I know because I was there.)