Just so there is no confusion at all: I probably have more Facebook friends from India than from any other country–partly because it’s such a big damn country. I have learned enormously from them & admire them as activists in the most important political struggles in their country & around the world: antiwar, for BDS & Palestinian solidarity, for Dalit & other oppressed caste rights, labor rights, environmental rights, against the occupation of Kashmir, justice for Bhopal.

It would be unthinkable to be disrespectful toward them. If we have differences on issues–& we do on some things–it would be something to discuss as among collaborators & co-thinkers. It’s another thing entirely when nationalists come to my wall with reactionary rubbish to defend Modi. But the majority of my contacts with Indian Facebook friends have been nothing but educational & personally rewarding & I want there to be no confusion on that score.