Received this message from a caring friend & former coworker: “I’m seeing some very sad posts on your page!!!!! please don’t get lost in every bad thing on Earth—it will destroy you !!! hoping you do enjoy life.”

Rest assured, I’m not one to get lost in sadness. Three things operate to prevent that: firstly, adrenalin & outrage pumping at the rate 2/40 a second that human beings are subject to such violence; & secondly, a belief that working people can change the world to make it suitable for human beings to live & love in. If my energy ever flags–& in several decades of activism it has–I think of children & the world they deserve to live in. And thirdly, the political companionship of so many others from around the world who feel the same outrage & share the same convictions that a humane world is possible.

As for enjoying life? Immensely. Especially when the alternative is only a few decades away.