Earlier this year, a flea-infested dog showed up at my house &, assuming he was abandoned, I took him in & named him MacDougal, aka, Maxie. He’s a delightful little scoundrel who can’t be trusted for a moment & has made me chase him often.

Yesterday, he figured out a way to escape my barricades & took off up the street. When I caught him, he was three blocks away in someone’s yard. I picked him up & started walking back when a young woman & man came out of the house & said he was their George who’s been missing for four or five months–the time frame I’ve had him.

I told them he had several health issues he was being medicated for, including heart-worms. Of course I couldn’t keep their dog & they seemed quite loving toward him but I asked why they let him run free all over the streets. She didn’t understand my concern. They didn’t even have a fenced-in yard to keep him in.

This morning Maxie/George showed up on my doorstep at 7am & is likely going to do that from now on–claiming two families & having all sorts of fun here with other dogs & at the dog park. The problem is he has to cross a major road to get here & stands a good chance of getting hit.

A rescue friend tells me just to dognap him & quite frankly, for his welfare, I would. But they live three blocks from me. I’m thinking to suggest they let me pick him up in the morning when they leave & let me dogsit him while they’re gone. Send your blessings the little guy’s way & hope they let me.