Someone just shared a post I did a year ago today on the Shah of Iran & the CIA. At the time I had a Facebook friend who worked for a local university department organized & funded by the CIA. He was likely not an agent but he knew who his paymasters were. I kept him as a friend because he was progressive on Israeli apartheid & hoped to work with him in building solidarity here. I’m too old to be so stupid.

When we talked about Palestine, he insisted at great length (he was a windbag) that we denounce Hamas. When we talked about violence against Black youth, he insisted we denounce “extremist elements” in the Black community. But then he had the unbelievable cajones to defend the CIA over & over again.

He had to go. But let me say that before we parted ways, the always brilliant Indira Krishnamurti Pradhan made chopped liver out of him, especially in that discussion on the Shah of Iran. She is truly a gift from social media.